The “meat and potatoes” of our service catalog lies in the solutions we develop that streamline your energy usage in each of your facilities.

IMPACT can deploy a comprehensive program that includes the identification, scoping and management of a group of projects with the same goal—energy conservation

Process-Driven Approach

IMPACT employs an approach that, with the help of our ZBA, ensures greater cost reduction within a compressed implementation cycle. Our partnership with our clients is a collective effort to capitalize on opportunities to reduce facility and utility-related operating costs.

To develop and execute projects, we utilize our broad experience and market knowledge to get the right resources at the right time, allowing us to provide the right balance of internal and external resources required to meet the needs of our customers. Utilizing our virtual network of partnerships, our ability to acquire the most talented resource in the most cost-effective manner is unparalleled.



By owning responsibility from end-to-end of the entire scope, we can ensure the return on investment criteria are set and that production is unaffected throughout implementation.

Asset Re-Deployment


IMPACT specializes in reducing facility operational costs for industrial clients both large and small.

From beginning to end, the process of the identification and re-deployment of assets requires multiple skill sets and activities that occur on parallel paths.

We provide hands-on, on-site services to define current practices as well as develop and implement operational and technical changes that significantly reduce costs and increase program efficiency.

Manufacturing lines are often linked to a program or product rollout with a fixed lifespan or production run. Fabrication processes change and assembly equipment becomes obsolete.

Dies, tooling, and related inventory may need to be maintained and stored for years after production has ended, occupying fragmented space that may be better served by consolidation of these idle assets and the return of the floor space to serve the needs of an active production facility.

  • Production Line Moves
  • Plant Relocations
  • Equipment Re-deployment
  • Idle Asset Inventories
  • Liquidation Management

Our asset re-deployment service provides our clients with the benefit of global management and technical resources for inventory, stores management, and disposition of obsolete manufacturing equipment and other manufacturing assets. This idle capital may then be returned to revenue generating activities.

Program Management and Coordination


IMPACT provides program management and coordination of resources throughout all phases of the asset re-deployment initiative. This work includes project management, cost tracking, reporting, and facilitation of equipment liquidation and safekeeping through channel partners, including warehousing, inter-company transfers, direct sales, and auctioning services as needed.
Our role as the program manager is to act as a transparent agent for the company in the execution of the re-deployment activities and to maximize the proceeds generated.


A natural product of this process is a detailed inventory of the site utility and production systems, which can serve as a starting point for the development of business cases for site-based project work aimed at reducing operational costs throughout your facilities.