IMPACT is different from your typical engineering firm in a few ways, but none as important as how we utilize a zero balance account and how we partner with your current team.

What is a Zero Balance Account?


The zero balance account is a project-finding initiative funded by a single purchase order made by your company.

This funding gives us the ability to scout your facilities for projects where we can find capital projects that allow us to embed development costs within them and perform true budget extraction. By working off a zero balance account, you avoid:

  • Stranded project costs, that eat into profit and reduce productivity
  • Margin-on-margin excess, where typical engineering firms make money off of developing you three-ring binders instead of real, lasting solutions
  • Lengthy, costly implementation that gets lost in development and/or is poorly implemented

Step By Step

You fund the ZBA through a single purchase order, limiting the amount of funding you have at risk and has no profit margin attached. This fuels our burden and out-of-pocket expenses.

We spend this money finding capital projects within your facilities that will streamline your energy usage.

Once projects are found, we come back to you with a report on the projects we found, matching your return on investment criteria (ROI, payback time, etc.) and seed the projects with the development costs.

Once approved, these costs become capitalized and the development costs are returned back to ZBA, leaving the balance spent at zero.

This defining feature of our service offering is a critical point in understanding how we are so much different from your typical engineering firm. We would be happy to meet with you and your team to discuss the finer points of working with IMPACT, contact us today to schedule a meeting.